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House Refurbishments & House Renovations Athens

Your home is reflection of who you really are. Our Design and Build home renovation service offers truly client centered service, to understand your aspirations, requirements and desired interaction with your newly renovated home.


Green Constructions team possesses all the theoretical knowledge, the appropriate technical skills and expertise required to provide every aspect of a first-class home renovations in Athens. Design & Build completed countless renovations and home improvements projects in Greece and most of home renovations were in the centre of Athens. Our focus and determination are both solely centred around you, resulting in a completely bespoke and personal service. We believe true design is about to understand our clients illuminating aspirations, requirements and patterns of habitation.

At Green Construction Renovation we specialise in full house renovations. This is where our 100% in-house team of civil engineers, architects, designers and trades possesses all the skills and expertise required to provide every aspect of a first-class home renovation in Athens. Design & Build Athens completed countless renovations and home improvements projects in Athens. Our focus and determination are both solely centred around you, resulting in a completely bespoke and personal service . We believe true design is about to understand our clients illuminating aspirations, requirements and patterns of habitation.

Over the years we have developed a 5-step process to make sure every project runs smoothly and is delivered on time & on budget. Our globally, by the International Project Management Association IPMA, certified project manager and MSc civil engineer (NTUA) will complete the financial and time budget , so your home refurbishment will be completed on time.

We begin by asking our clients to imagine their lives in the completed house, the refurbished flat, to describe their desired interaction with it.

This 5-step process applies to any large-scale property renovation project, such as:

  • Converting a house into flats
  • Converting two flats into one
  • Loft conversions & extensions
  • Renovating all, or most of the rooms in a property

Step 1: Define each space/room

Know what each room in the house is going to be used for, and who is going to use it, is fundamental to creating a design the works for everyone as well as looking stunning. We create 3D plans for all our projects, and space definition is always the first step.

Step 2: Approval & preparation

Once the design is finalised , then all aspects of the project are approved by the client, making sure everyone understands what is to be done & when. Preparation is the key, and we always ensure that legwork required to prepare each space for the renovation work is carried out before we start.

Step 3: Remodelling/Renovating

At this stage, all the remodelling work is done to the existing space to accommodate the new design. Depending on the project (if there is a loft conversion or an extension, or even a full home renovation) we will also make sure the property is water tight again – fitting new roofs, walls, windows and doors.

Step 4: Fit out/Installations

Depending on the project (if there is a loft conversion or an extension) the first part of this stage is to make sure the property is water tight again – fitting new roofs, walls, windows and doors. Once the property is watertight, we look to do all the internal work such as plastering, doors, electrics and plumbing.

Step 5: Fixtures, fitting and finishes

This final stage includes everything from wallpaper and painting to kitchen and bathroom installation. The property is then dressed with all the furniture and furnishings, prior to handing back to the client. At this stage our company can provide the flat under renovation with the final decoration and furniture.

If you’re planning your own full house renovation project, or if you’re in the process of buying a second property to do up and rent out/sell on, get in touch now on +30 6934035440, or request a quote here.
House Renovation Athens

House Renovations ATHENS

Truly Personal Services, From Start to Finish

We can deliver any home improvement and home refurbishment projects including loft conversions and kitchen extension services with meticulous precision to ensure that the proposed design satisfies the demanding needs of your style and aspirations.

No matter what we do, we strive to preserve the privacy and security of your home. We complete our job with minimal disruption and ensure to install all needed safety measures to make the process exceptionally stress free.

No Hidden Cost, No Unexpected Expenses

The committed team at Design & Build London always completes the job within the pre-scheduled deadline and minimises the unexpected expenses associated with the construction process. Prior to the job, we accurately evaluate the exact requirements of the client, inspect the site appropriately, and prepare an all-inclusive, detailed quote that helps to cut down unanticipated expenses.

Flexibility and Prompt Customer Service

We provide you with an added bonus of a flexible site evaluation and prompt customer service at all times. We endeavour to take the time to listen to your needs and suggest the most viable solution that meets the highest possible standards.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our builders are extensively experienced and that’s why we are able to understand the complexities and potential issues that could occur as part of any full house renovation, loft conversion or kitchen extension project. Considering this challenge, we give our customers the convenience to enjoy a 10 year work guarantee on structural projects. Moreover, we provide adequate insurance coverage of up to £5 million. We cover all clients based in the London boroughs of Kensington & ChelseaHammersmith & FulhamWestminsterCamdenSouthwark, LambethWandsworth, MertonBarnes, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond.


We think renovating your home is undoubtedly exciting. Here is a everything you need to know before you start your house renovation project, from the initial stage of finding a suitable property to renovate, to the finer points of maximising the thermal efficiency of the ‘new’ house.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to completely restore a building to how it was previously, albeit with a ‘make-over’, or whether you want to change it substantially in terms of its overall size or internal configuration. There is a possibility, of course, that your planned project will actually do an element of both of these types of renewal, making changes to a property, whilst at the same time reverting it to its original character and appearance. 

It is fairly common for a property to be bought with the express purpose of providing a profit from its subsequent sale after renovation, although this potential is usually reflected in the property’s price. This means that caution should be exercised, whether a property is bought at auction, through a process of sealed bids or by some other means.


At the very least, you should take plenty of time to become familiar with the home improvements in question, so that you can develop a full understanding of issues such as, for instance, how light comes into the property.

If it is a substantial project that you have in mind, then it is advisable to work with a qualified architect, architectural designer or, if appropriate, a structural engineer, in order to avoid some common traps that people fall into. Such professional advice would be particularly valuable if the property you want to alter is a Listed Building.

An important early decision, for example, concerns whether you are going to need to apply for planning permission for your project. It is also vital to draft a project plan at the start of the process, to ensure that the various tasks are carried out in a logical sequence.

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By mastering best practices and applying them on every commercial and residential building project regardless of the budget or size, we can ensure lasting quality. We believe luxury home is about having standards and not cutting corners.

Our uncompromising aim is to deliver the highest quality refurbishment projects on brief, on time and within budget. We treat every job as a luxury project, with the same approach and same team of experienced, trained specialists working across our sites. Learn more about our Company.


You, your home and the World, we recognise the importance of a beautiful home, and the role it plays on our happiness and wellbeing, which is why we work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards.

Whether you’re looking to refurbish one or two rooms, or need to completely renovate your property, our extensive experience of refurbishing London homes means we can design, build and manage the entire process to help you create a better version of your home. We also work alongside estate agents and clients looking to sell their property or rent it out, as well as with insurance companies to restore properties after flood or fire damage.

We are able to undertake your project from start to finish, as we employ a full-time staff of skilled tradesmen including carpenters, joiners, plumbers, tilers, electricians and decorators. They are supported by our dedicated team of customer service co-ordinators, project managers and surveyors.


Whether it’s delivering a full house renovation, or our team working with external professional teams, we deliver projects that best suits your requirements.

As well as general refurbishment and renovation, we can assist with:

  • Exterior home improvements and garden makeovers, including decking and fencing.
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovation.
  • Repair and restoration of fire or flood damage.
  • Door or window replacement.
  • Wooden flooring. Plastering & Decorating.
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation.


Dear Client,

With the event of the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the world around us changing rapidly, we are introducing a new way to help our clients to proceed with their envisioned projects.

If you are concerned with the initial consultation/site visit being done in your home, we can arrange to make a video call so that the project can be clearly explained to our Contract’s Manager through this virtual method. From this information, we will then be able to proceed in supplying you with a quote.